Warmongering CMI Facebook tool, Titus Seruga, panicked over President Museveni’s commitment to resolve Rwanda-Uganda tensions

Titus Seruga, the known Ugandan Military Intelligence (CMI) Facebook mouthpiece, has just written the most amazing letter to his boss, President Museveni of Uganda. The failed asylum seeker based in Belgium did not like that Museveni is willing to peacefully resolve the Rwanda-Uganda crisis.

In an open letter to your sponsor, Seruga aka Serubwa, you are worried that the 75 years old Museveni is taking a soft stance. Such a stance poses a threat for your much-needed CMI income so you openly petition for war. To anyone who had the displeasure of reading the open letter, it is clear, Seruga wants war at any cost. To ensure the crisis doesn’t end, you also try to provoke Rwanda with your usual insults in the letter hoping to sabotage the normalization of Rwanda-Uganda relations, which is also in your country’s interest.

Seruga, aka Serubwa, you are lying and reporting rubbish. All your allegations and so-called Rwanda’s crimes lack evidence. You are not a victim, you are a known Uganda Military Intelligence (CMI) agent paid to throw insults to Rwandan leaders. Seruga, you don’t want peace between Uganda and Rwanda, the so-called open letter is another form of sabotage to the peace process between two nations. This cannot help Ugandans you purportedly speak for.

Seruga, you say that Rwanda has squeezed Uganda’s nose too much but still do not provide a piece of single evidence to back your accusation. On the contrary, Rwanda suffered all sorts of provocations from Uganda. For instance, hundreds and hundreds of innocent Rwandans are being persecuted, illegally detained without trial or charges, tortured and forced to join anti-Rwanda terrorist groups. Furthermore, the Museveni regime is on record for supporting terror groups (RNC, FDLR, FLN, RUD-Urunana) with intentions to subvert Rwanda.

Mentally deranged Seruga, you should be reminded that President Kagame traveled to Entebbe in February 2018 to meet President Museveni, he also met him in Addis, he has as well been receiving Museveni’s special envoys who carried his private messages, all was done in an effort to resolve tensions between two countries; it is only you who cannot see that this was done with respect to diplomacy and the Ugandan leadership. If diplomacy for you is hypocrisy and empty rhetoric, you should know that Rwandan diplomacy is honest and frank.

CMI tool, in your letter to Museveni, you call victims of the ongoing persecution of Rwandan nationals in Uganda criminals. You do so to justify CMI’ s cruel action but do not address a key question; if they are criminals, why are they not charged in the courts of law? The Rwandan government made it clear that its nationals should either be charged or released since Uganda lacks evidence on their cases.

Disgraced Seruga, you claim to be a pure Muganda, why are you meddling in Rwandan internal affairs? Why are you always publishing insults to the head of state of another sovereign country? Is this what you call respect to diplomacy? Your behavior proves that you are indeed a hired online mercenary whose mission is to distort facts and instill hate and divisions amongst citizens of Rwanda and Uganda.

The allegations that President Kagame funded crimes in Kampala are baseless with no evidence; Rwanda has never had any links with ADF. There is overwhelming evidence to the contrary that instead, Uganda has been supporting terror groups to attack Kigali; as revealed in the recent RUD militia attacks in Kinigi, Uganda’s regional affairs minister Philemon Mateke was in constant communication on mobile phone with the attackers that killed 14 unarmed civilians and withdrew to Uganda. Known for your usual warmongering fabrications, you provided no evidence of the so-called link between Rwanda and ADF. Bizarrely, it is only Seruga, from your asylum in Belgium who links Rwanda with ADF, even your fellow CMI trolls don’t attempt your storyline as it is simply crazy and unfounded.

With regards to your media propaganda accusations, It is important to recall that Uganda runs a series of website and blogs, social media accounts (Twitter and Facebook) that constantly attack Rwandan head of state, the first family and his cabinet; your Facebook is among those accounts established to throw insults. You only get incensed when your lies and fabrications are challenged, this will hurt you forever.

The mentally incompetent Seruga, none will actually believe your poorly coordinated fabrications on Rwanda, where were the so-called 400 refugees killed or repatriated from? Is it in your hideout in Brussels? Since Uganda has not brought that case against Rwanda, the rest is pure imaginations.

Conflicted Seruga if you wish for war, will you fight or feel it from Brussels where you are spreading your war propaganda from.

If the people you work for see sense and decided to move away from this situation that actually does not benefit them and Uganda (that he claims to have at heart); it is up to you to go forward with warmongering writings.

Rwanda won’t be swayed by your lies and hatred; it will always play its role in the stabilization of the region as it has done it in the past.

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