Ugandan regime mouthpieces push ‘shot smuggler’ narrative to divert attention

Kampala regime mouthpieces, Spryreports, PML daily, Watchdog Uganda, Chimpreports and Andrew Mwenda’s The Independent are in overdrive with stories distorting the facts about a Ugandan smuggler who was shot on Rwandan territory.

The subject in question Muhereza Sidini aka Swidini whom CMI-funded propaganda grossly mislead as a “Ugandan businessman”, was in fact a notorious smuggler. At the time he was stopped (inside Rwandan territory) he was armed with a spear and machete. He resisted a lawful order to stop. He instead opted to assault members of a Rwandan security patrol, brandishing his spear and machete. Is that how businessmen behave in Uganda?

Smuggling is a crime punishable by Rwandan laws, whilst in Uganda criminality like smuggling apparently is a legal business.

All the media outlets pushing anti-Rwanda propaganda (sponsored by Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence, CMI) are in ‘all system go’ mode. One reason probably is to divert attention from the recently released 79 innocent Rwandans that spent over two years in Ugandan prisons, and in CMI, ISO torture dungeons. All were held incommunicado, denied access either to family visits or consular services.

The victims were arbitrary arrested, detained and tortured over trumped up charges of illegal entry and espionage. It’s also important to note that the Rwandan victims were never arraigned before any courts of law, yet on the contrary in all Ugandan criminal suspects held in Rwanda have been treated with their full rights, including family, and consular visits whenever their embassy required it.

Furthermore they were prosecuted; the convicts are serving their jail sentences whereas those proven innocent were acquitted. Yet CMI propaganda is fixated on manufactured articles, turning violent law breakers into “businessmen”.

The Rwanda-Uganda relations will remain bleak ad long as such is Uganda’s conduct.

Museveni ass licker Katureebe deliberately confuses smugglers with “businessmen”

The fictions of ass licker Obed Katureebe, a Munyarwanda minion of Senile Museveni, are getting crazier. The ass licker together with an army of other propagandists of the regime of Senile Museveni are straining to turn black into white, to convince their gullible readers that up is down.

The minions of the Matooke Republic have been shouting that “Rwanda has killed a Ugandan businessman”. But who is this so-called “businessman” that they claim was killed by Rwanda?

The fellow, one Sidini Muhereza was a notorious, but hungry Ugandan smuggler! Senile Museveni’s corrupt, incompetent regime has turned very many poor people of the Matooke Republic into smugglers.

Senile Museveni is personally on record, calling his poor citizens to resort to smuggling as a way of survival. This gave rise to dangerous, violent criminal gangs of smugglers that are desperate to get into Rwanda.

This Muhereza, whom ass licker Katureebe and other Matooke Republic minions are lying that he was “a businessman”, was another smuggler that turned violent. When a Rwandan security patrol stopped him, he attacked them with a spear and knife.

Poor Matooke citizens should know smuggling is against the law in Rwanda and that their senile careless ruler’s advise to smuggle is dangerous. Museveni long ago opted to incite his poor Matooke Republic citizens to smuggling crimes as a means of survival.

Ass licker Katureebe better advise his hungry criminal smugglers from the Matooke Republic against breaking the law. Their ruler lied to them and doesn’t care about anything but his kleptocratic rule and his Bahima dynasty.

Cheap propaganda will not help hungry smugglers in Uganda.

CMI troll Katureebe runs another fake “missing person” story

Ass licker Obed Katureebe aka Rpf Gakwerere is jumping on a fictitious “disappearance”, a routine lie for the troll. Paid by CMI and handled by Abel Kandiho and CK Asiimwe, Katureebe is always claiming people are missing, so as to smear Rwanda. His lies quickly fall apart, but he is completely undeterred. He just pushes ahead with more fake rumors.

Here is a review of some of his fictional “missing” persons that turned out to be a complete lie. When Diane Rwigara was hiding in her kitchen, a desperate attention seeking stunt, Katureebe claimed she had been kidnapped. The senile Museveni ass licker played the same song when Aimable Karasira went offline for reasons only known to him. Again Katureebe went berserk on Rwanda, claiming murder! Karasira was well, and is well.

Equally when convicted prisoner Cassien Ntamuhanga, a terrorist, escaped from prison Katureebe sounded alarms screaming “Rwanda has killed him!” But the fugitive was already in Uganda. Now he is in Southern Africa (with the assistance of the regime of Matooke Republic ruler Museveni) openly engaged in online anti-Rwanda propaganda. This propaganda is paid for by CMI of the Matooke Republic.

The list goes on. Constantin Tuyishimire, a TV1 presenter who went to join hostile militias was declared missing by hostile trolls (including Katureebe). But eventually it turned out the man had ended up in Burundi. Tuyishimire was beaten up and photographed by imbonerakures in Burundi. He learnt a very good lesson about faking his own disappearance, but ass licker Katureebe went on radio silence.

Now, the good for nothing troll claims Venant Abayisenga is missing. He can fool only his gullible readers. Katureebe, a failure in everything except ass licking, has woven a number of tall tales to boost every anti-Rwanda lie.

Every sensible person knows these terrorists that pretend they’ve “gone missing” always turn up in eastern DRC, alive and engaged in terrorism. Another fact that is public knowledge is that many times those on anti-Rwanda terror missions often pass through Uganda, with the facilitation of the regime of Museveni, senile ruler of the Matooke Republic. Usually, the terrorists first camp at Philemon Mateke’s hotel in Kisoro, because the old Parmehutu thug is their coordinator in Uganda.

Therefore, ass licker Katureebe should come clean, does he know if this Abayisenga too has passed through Uganda vis Mateke’s place? Has he checked with his CMI handlers Abel Kandiho and CK Asiimwe? Eventually, just like the Habib Mudathiru of RNC or Nsabimana Callixte of the FLN terror groups, these missing criminals will find their way back to prison where they belong.

Deadbeat Sulah Nuwamanya pretends to preach love, yet he abandoned his wife and children

Sulah Nuwamanya, the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) sponsored, mentally deranged RNC agent is at it again, commenting on things for which he has no competence.

From his CMI rented bedsitter in Mutungo, Kampala, the deadbeat dad is trying to make the Uganda-Rwanda bilateral meetings about him. Judging by Nuwamnaya’s post one would be forgiven to perceive that the Government of Uganda is negotiating on behalf of RNC terror group members like him. By claiming “disappointment” about the outcome of the latest Quadripartite discussions, he is definitely crying more than the bereaved.

First of all, the terrorist pseudo “NGO” that he and his bedmate Prossy Bonabaana have been hiding behind to plan terror against Rwanda has been smoked out. To see that the Museveni regime was shamed into publicly disowning the so called NGO (Self-Worth Initiative) meant that even the Ugandan ruler realized how exposed this terrorist outfit was, and feared that his (Museveni) links with it was becoming too public.

Therefore the shameless Nuwamanya and Bonabaana will just have to work clandestinely. Yet terrorist Nuwamanya still feels he has the guts to mud-sling Rwanda! The moral degenerate even has the nerve to lie that “Uganda has never kidnapped, or tortured Rwandans!” Uganda has shamefacedly been releasing illegally detained Rwandans, many that have suffered untold torture in the dungeons of CMI. No wonder the clown is trying to divert history.

What the motor mouth and his sponsors need to get in their heads is that none of their risible attacks against Rwanda from Uganda will stop the disintegration of the RNC terrorist group. And neither will it turn tables to give Museveni an upper-hand in the negotiations.

Another irony in the Facebook post of the morally degenerate Nuwamanya, is that while he pretends to be ‘preaching love’ he is in reality a deadbeat who abandoned his wife and four children.

The mental case pretends to be preaching love but at the same time attacks the Rwandan Government which in fact stepped in to help out his family, with such things as Mutuelle de Sante, and help with the kids’ tuition.

The loudmouth RNC stooge also should know Rwanda decides who its diplomats, or diplomatic staff are, so his constant slanders against Rwandan embassy staff in Uganda are just more laughable rantings.

Just in case Museveni cracks, RNC activist Nuwamanya looking for a second safe haven in Burundi

Sulah Nuwamanya, a Rwandan National Congress (RNC) terrorist activist, and a number of other hostile anti-Rwanda fanatics have been desperately bootlicking Evariste Ndayishimye, the successor to the Burundian President. They praised so hard that one would be forgiven to confuse Sulah Nuwamanya and his fellow goons to be Burundians and members of the ruling party CNDD-FDD. Nuwamanya, RNC terrorists and other hostile forces based in Uganda have a special interest in Burundi. They recruit terrorist in Uganda, and send them to Burundi to attack Rwanda directly or via the DRC Congo.

It is a deniability game. To protect the Ugandan regime and cover their tracks, Ugandan based terrorist organizations always seek to attack from non-Ugandan borders. The trickery of proxy attacks collapsed with several terrorist caught and repatriated to Rwanda for trial. The Ugandan ruler’s plan were unmasked when militia leaders like Callixte Nsabimana of FLN or Mudathiru of RNC openly confessing to the support Museveni gives them.

The Ugandan regime was confronted directly with proof in the Luanda MoU meetings. Nuwamanya’s name extensively features in Rwanda’s proof that Uganda supports terrorist militias. Unable to deny it, the government of Uganda deregistered Nuwamanya’s shell NGO dumbed Self-Worth Initiative (SWI) but did not hold him responsible for subversive acts. Bizarrely, Museveni’s regime simultaneously reinforced security for Nuwamanya and his partner Prossy Bonaabana.

Nuwamanya and his SWI partners in crime now travel with convoys of CMI armed guards. They were moved to secured houses with 24 hours security. But as the cost of supporting them continues to increase for Museveni, they know it is just a matter of time before he sells them out hence their bootlicking of the future Burundian ruler. It is an old classic case of Museveni using and dumping ponds in his treacherous games.

For Sulah Nuwamanya, congratulating and bootlicking it is not only a way of soliciting support but also a way to secure a second potential hideout. They know how unreliable and how sensitive to financial loss their Uganda host is.

Museveni’s lapdog, Obed Katureebe, inspired by his master’s crimes in Uganda

Obed Katureebe (Facebook pseudonym Rpf Gakwerere) the chief ass licker of senile Museveni, ruler of the Matooke Republic, is obsessed with senior security officials of Rwanda. Katureebe’s imaginary tales on RDF and RNP hold no water and many are simply inspired by the sorry state of UPDF and UG Police.

Ugandan armed forces leadership continuously suffers assassinations, torture, and arbitrary arrest from Museveni.

Katureebe, a failure at everything in life except ass licking, clearly is deflecting from one thing: the fate of Uganda ISO boss Kaka Bagyenda. Senile Museveni’s chief torturer, Maj. Gen. Abel Kandiho, the little thug of a weasel has been after Bagyenda’s head. Kandiho, another paymaster of ass licker Katureebe, is feeding him fictions about Rwanda, the better to keep attention on Rwanda as he plots terrible things for Kaka.

Contrary to Katureebe’s concocted fictions about Rwanda, none of the Generals he writes about are “under arrest” or “house arrest”. Rwanda is a country of law and order (and even when an arrest happens it is through due process). In the Matooke Republic things are much different.

Kasirye Gwanga and Henry Tumukunde’s perils are proof of the injustices perpetrated in Senile Museveni’s Matooke Republic. Tumukunde and Gwanga in fact should consider themselves lucky that the only thing that happened to them was that they were arbitrarily thrown into the jail!

There are hundreds that Museveni simply opts to extra-judiciarily eliminate the moment they are perceived as a threat. The wicked dictator, senile Museveni has eliminated: Brig. Noble Mayombo, Gen. James Kazini, Gen. Aronda Nyakairima, and others, whether security officers or civilians.

It is now confirmed the squalid little weasel, Kandiho has convinced evil but senile dictator Museveni to eliminate Kaka – “the way they eliminated Gen. Aronda – with slow-working poison. Ass licker Katureebe thinks he can fool people with his anti-Rwanda fictions. He is deluded!

He will have to explain what’s happening to Kaka first; has the ISO boss already ingested some “Nakasongola lab products”?

After his Sudhir connection is exposed, Seruga the CMI midget goes into panic mode, attacking private Rwandan citizens

Belgium-based CMI agent Titus Seruga, alias Serubwa is suddenly yapping like a scalded monkey, why?

After trolling the Rwandan leadership, the attention-seeking dwarf is now lashing out at private Rwandan citizens calling them names. After his exposure as a beneficiary of illicit handouts from Museveni’s mafia business associate Sudhir Ruparelia, Seruga the midget has now gone berserk.

His Facebook platform is a dumping site for all anti-Rwanda garbage and, as recently exposed, he is taking money from Museveni’s notorious money launderer to post anti-Rwanda content.

But the CMI midget Serubwa is himself not a total stranger to dubious deals.

The dwarf has been living in Belgium as a conman deceiving the Belgian Government that he is a “gay asylum seeker” – yet he is a criminal agent for a criminal organ, CMI.

His rant against private Rwandan citizens is certainly as a result of the exposure of his Sudhir connections.

However, the harder the midget lashes out with his usual fusillade of lies the more he reveals his panic. He is panicked that a good chunk of his bread might go!

Watch this space.

Senile Museveni’s main anti-Rwanda proxy group RNC crumbles but Katureebe his chief ass-licker fixates on Rwanda

The chief ass-licker of senile Museveni, ruler of the Matooke Republic knows his senile patron is in a fix. Just like his cancer-infested body, all the proxy groups Senile Museveni sets up to destabilize Rwanda are falling apart. Specifically, the evil, senile dictator’s main anti-Rwanda proxy group, Rwanda National Congress (RNC), is disintegrating fast and rotting from within.

The fugitive thug, Kayumba Nyamwasa, the RNC chief is no longer in control of the rotten RNC. His legendary selfishness is tearing apart Senile Museveni’s dream terrorist organization. Ever since the fugitive thug murdered Ben Rutabana, with the help of the chief of CMI Abel Kandiho –the little, completely unscrupulous thug– RNC terrorist members have turned against Kayumba. Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa is also a very good thief. He graduated from stealing cows and land to stealing and diverting all RNC funds to finance his businesses, and personal luxurious life in southern Africa.

The buffoon, Obed Katureebe, senile Museveni’s chief vuvuzela (Facebook pseudonym Robert Fati Gakwerere) is crying tears that another rotten ally of Kayumba called Benoit Muhoza has been thrown out. Good, let the dogs eat each other!

Muhoza should actually count himself lucky, if he was in Uganda, Kayumba would have sent Kandiho after him. Muhoza would vanish like Rutabana who Kayumba and Kandiho are yet to produce. RNC is dying a painful, public death like its senile sponsor.

Meanwhile, let’s enjoy the tears of senile Museveni, the Matooke Republic boss, his proxy, fugitive thug Nyamwasa, and chief ass licker Obed!

The mentally deranged Katureebe is a product of Kyankwanzi. For those who don’t know Kyankwanzi is the NRM cadreship college that grooms all Bahima sycophants. It is also the district where most Bahima hail from.

The bets are out, will Museveni’s body collapse before the RNC does? Or will Museveni’s proxy terrorist militia go first?

CMI dwarf Seruga and his patron Senile Museveni are up to a lost cause

Titus Seruga, the midget agent on payroll of Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) has regurgitated another piece of fiction from his masters.

The imbecile Seruga aka Serubwa, a character that lives in Belgium on taxpayers’ money, conning the authorities that he is “an asylum seeker, actually is a troll being used to peddle all sorts of concoctions to cause a civil commotion in Rwanda. That is on instructions of Senile Museveni, king of the Matooke Republic.

Midget Seruga’s job is to churn out crazy fictions about Rwanda, trying to sow divisions in Rwanda along tired “Hutu-Tutsi” lines. Those types of fictions will fail, no matter how the midget Serubwa tries to dredge them up, because Rwandans are past them.

Serubwa probably is trying to deflect attention from how senile Museveni sowed divisions in Uganda in the early Eighties, when Museveni used to massacre Baganda, then spread propaganda everywhere that “Obote is killing Baganda!”

The evil, Senile Museveni with his Somali half brother Salim Saleh killed very many people with crude agricultural instruments in Luweero, Ngoma, Nakaseke, Wakyato, Zirobwe, Kirema and so many others. Why?

The aim was to tarnish Obote, and make Baganda hate Obote much more – so that Museveni wins their support to fulfill his power ambitions.

Killing has always been the character of evil dictator Museveni. When comrades in the bush objected to such tactics, he killed them too. That is why the senile goon murdered Hannington Mugabi in cold blood. Many more have died in such circumstances; Uganda has lost gallant and professionals officers who would have served Ugandans’ needs. All because of an evil, bloodthirsty goon.

The Senile ruler killed Gen Aronda, Gen Kazini, Brig Mayombo, Col Abiriga, AIGP Kaweesi, to name but a few.

The cancer-stricken senile, evil monster Museveni is still haunted by these crimes, so he unleashes his legions of propagandists like midget Serubwa, upon Rwanda.

Cancer doctors tell Senile Museveni ‘time is not on his side’

Fear grips Uganda’s State House as prostate cancer doctors throw in the towel on saving the Senile ruler of Matooke Republic. Senile Museveni chief ass licker Obed Katureebe (who uses the pseudonym Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere on Facebook to sling mud at Rwanda) tries to distract as matters worsen in Uganda.

It is now public that the senile, cancer-stricken Museveni is heading to his graveyard due to the prostate. His doctors have advised him to expedite the presidential polls in a bid to achieve his emission of dying in State House.

The nincompoop Katureebe should be reminded that after prostate cancer, his evil sponsor won’t survive the ongoing plots by angry ‘bush-war’ generals to overthrow him in a much anticipated coup.

Soon, long-suffering Ugandans will dance with joy, when senile Museveni is confined to a grave in Rwakitura.